Rollon Hydraulic specializes in the manufacture of high precision spools for hydraulic valves, pumps and other critical engineering applications. 


We have demonstrated capabilities in achieving cylindricality of 2.5 microns, roundness of 1 micron, straightness of 1 micron, and surface finishes of Ra 0.1 on outer diameters. 

Our sizes range from 6 millimeters to 30 millimeters in diameter, and lengths between 50 millimeters to 300 millimeters, with complex grooves and notches.

We work with a variety of raw materials, such as En1A (1214 or 12L14), En8M (36SMnPb14), AISI 1144, SAE 8620 and more.

Our materials are cold drawn, stress relieved, and ground to produce these spools. We perform Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) testing in-house.


In addition, Rollon Hydraulics offers established in-house an Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP) facility and outsources hardchrome plating.

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