Rollon Hydraulic specializes in the manufacture of high precision turned components for hydraulic valves, pumps and other critical engineering applications. 


We have demonstrated capabilities in achieving inner diametrical tolerances of 3 microns and straightness and roundness of 2 microns on outer diameters. 

We work with a variety of raw materials, such as En1A (1214 or 12L14), En8M, AISI 1144, stainless steel and more.

Rollon Hydraulics adopts specialized nitrotec, zinc, magnesium phosphate, and other surface treatment processes. We possess in-house honing facilities for finishing inner diameters, and super finishing equipment to enhance surface finishes.


Our product families include:

  • Body

  • Body RV

  • Plug RV

  • Poppet

  • Sleeve Detent

  • Spools

  • SP Shaft

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